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    LSD150-12 12V150AH

    Update:2019-07-25  View:2092

    Detailed introduction

    Product characteristics:

    Capacity range: 33Ah-3000 Ah(25 °C)
    Voltage range: 2V/6V/12V
    Number of cycles(25 °C)
    30 % discharge depth: 1,500(12 V6V) 1800(2 V)
    50 % discharge depth: 700(12 V6V) 850(2 V)
    100 % discharge depth: 350(12 V6V) 360(2 V)
    The battery is suitable for shallow discharge cycle
    Low self-discharge rate:(25 °C) less than 2 % per month
    Long design life:(25 °C), floating life:
    12v10 years
    2v/6v15 years
    Applicable environmental range: -15 ~ 50 °C
    Operating temperature range: -20 ~ 50 °C
    Recommended operating temperature: 25 °C
    Design characteristics:
    Excellent deep cycle design
    Long service life
    High energy density
    Strong electrical discharge recovery
    Broad working temperature
    Application area:
    Control systems, electric toys, emergency lights, power tools, alarm system, emergency lighting system, backup power supply, UPS, power system, telecommunications equipment, fire and safety defense system, railway system and power station.

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